Ten Thoughts from Week 10 of the NFL Season

What you need to know about the week that was and a look ahead to Week 11

1. Who’s the biggest fantasy stud of the year: Lamar Jackson or Christian McCaffrey. Both guys have been absolutely outstanding and only added to their monster years on Sunday. Jackson was insane agains the Bengals, ripping off one of the best TD runs of the year, while adding three passing touchdowns. McCaffrey had 108 rushing yards, 33 receiving yards, 6 catches and a TD. That was a bad game on a cold night in Green Bay. What a year.

2. The Browns finally got a win, though they needed some serious luck to get it done. To be honest, Odell Beckham Jr. still hasn’t found his groove with Baker Mayfield and for those of us that have OBJ, it has been a rough year. But Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt formed a nice backfield duo and could be dangerous down the stretch, especially against an easy schedule. Can Freddie Kitchens figure out a goal line package that works?! That’s the question.

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3. The Falcons have a pulse! Not for the playoffs, but for fantasy purposes! That’s all we really care about. Big win in New Orleans for Matt Ryan and company, but also a costly one. TE Austin Hooper and RB Devonta Freeman went down with injuries and could be out a couple of weeks. So who replaces them? Brian Hill and Luke Stocker could be big fantasy difference makers down the stretch.

4. Who doesn’t love having a player from the Raiders on their roster? Say what you will about Jon Gruden, but Oakland is playing some good football right now and they’re a lot of fun to watch offensively. Josh Jacobs is already a top-10 fantasy RB and Tyrell Williams and Darren Waller are fantastic.

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5. Vikings vs. Cowboys. Great Sunday night game and potentially a playoff preview. I would pay to watch that game again. I thought both offenses had really good moments, especially Dalvin Cook and Amari Cooper. Both looked outstanding. Run that game back in January, please.

6. Quick thought on the Colts: Y U C K. Say what you will about Jacoby Brissett, but the drop off from him to Brian Hoyer is gigantic. Embarrassing home loss by Indy to the Dolphins, especially with a legitimate playoff shot in their sights. It could come back to haunt them. Also, on a fantasy note, do not start any Colts players if Hoyer is the QB, except maybe Marlon Mack.

7. It’s been a little under the radar, but Kyler Murray is having an outstanding season for the Cardinals. His playmaking abilities are off the charts. Wait until he has a real team around him. Also, welcome back Christian Kirk, fantasy stud. It took a long time, but he looks to be on the same page with Kyler now. Three touchdowns on Sunday. Very impressive.

8. Are the Rams in panic mode? After a loss in Pittsburgh to the red-hot Steelers, LA’s team sits at 5–4 in a division with two legitimate Super Bowl contenders (49ers, Seahawks). The defending NFC Champions are in serious trouble and may not make the playoffs. What happened to the offense? Jared Goff looks scared, the team can’t run the ball and the WRs just don’t look as potent as they once did. Sean McVay is going to have to work some serious magic over the next 7 weeks.

9. Ronald Jones, legitimate NFL running back?! I didn’t think I would say those words at the beginning of the season, but it’s true. He had a great game against Arizona on Sunday, racking up 18.6 fantasy points.

10. Quick note on College Football for those that are interested: LSU QB Joe Burrow is a first-round NFL pick. If you watched the Alabama game, which was awesome, Burrow is absolutely amazing. He, along with Tua Tagovailoa and Oregon’s Justin Herbert should be first-round picks, without question. And LSU offensive coordinator Joe Brady? What a find. He should be an NFL head coach very soon.



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