Fantasy For Good

Champions Round‘s newest product, Seven Stakes, is available now on iOS and Android.

Champions Round
2 min readJan 6, 2021

🏆 Fantasy For Good

As we at Champions Round unveil our newest product, Seven Stakes, we wanted to make sure we were also contributing to the community and using our platform for good. Sure, we all love fantasy sports and the occasional wager, but this is a particularly important year to give back and help out our brothers and sisters in need.

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So here’s the deal: The LEAGUE that scores the most total points in our Seven Stakes contest will have a donation made by Champions Round to the charity of the league’s choosing. We will donate $1,000 in their names.

Yes, the goal of Seven Stakes is to beat your league mates. However, if you’re out of the running, you can still cheer on bets all the way through the Super Bowl. We love crowning champions, but we can help uplift some folks along the way. That’s ultimately what we’re all about.


▶️ How To Play Seven Stakes

Our first Seven Stakes contest will feature the NFL Playoffs, so if you love football, want to compete with friends and love to gamble, this fantasy game mode is just for you.

Here’s how it works: Create or join a league with friends. We will ask seven questions which have multiple right and wrong answers. These are the stakes! Make your choices, watch the results live, team with the highest score wins!

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Here are the questions for the NFL Playoffs: Win the Super Bowl, Advance to the Super Bowl, Advance to the Conference Championship, Advance to the Divisional Round.

Then you will be asked to pick a Super Bowl MVP, a NFL Playoffs Game Prop and finally a NFL Playoffs Player Prop.

You will be awarded points based on the Odds we have set. For example: If you pick the Kansas City Chiefs to win the Super Bowl and they win it you will earn 180 Points. If they don’t win, you will score zero. The goal, as always, is to earn the most points!

Download the Champions Round app and create a Seven Stakes league. You will be able to invite between 8–12 friends to play with you. Public leagues are also available. You must make your selections before January 9th.

Good luck!