Champions Round 2020 Draft Guide

Football is Back. Fantasy is Back. And Champions Round is most definitely back! Here’s who to draft in fantasy this year

Introduction 🎬

Welcome to Champions Round, the first and only round-based fantasy football game. As we enter into a truly unprecedented season that is chalk full of unknowns, our round-based format is exactly what fantasy football fans need.

What is round-based fantasy? Well, think of it as the best parts of daily and season-long fantasy put together. We love the short time commitment offered by daily fantasy. We are tied to our season long fantasy communities and love competing with our friends. Most of all, we love drafting. So why not put them all together? That’s exactly what Champions Round is all about.

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While we all may not be able to get together on Sunday’s this year due to the pandemic, we can all still draft together (even if we have to use Zoom). With Champions Round you’ll get four chances to catch up with your friends and beat them to a pulp!

Here’s how Champions Round works: We have split the regular season and postseason into four separate rounds, which means more drafting, more chances to win and more opportunities to take down your friends.

So are you ready try out a product where you get to draft four times this NFL season? We thought so. Download the Champions Round app now, create or join and league and claim the crown!

Round Based Drafting 🛠

The biggest difference between Champions Round and DFS or season-long fantasy is that our season is split up into four rounds and four unique drafts.

Champions Round 2020–21 Schedule

Round 1 Draft Guide 🏆

The big question we’re trying to answer here is this: how does our round-based game affect your overall strategy, and more importantly your Round 1 draft strategy? We have some ideas.

The two most important things to look for when drafting players in Round 1 are matchups and bye weeks. Bye weeks are critically important to consider in our Champions Round game because the sample size is smaller. You only have six weeks to play with in Round 1. Sure, you can get a bench player who is going to miss a week due to a bye and you’ll be fine. But can you afford to lose one of your top players for a week?

In case you are new to Champions Round, our game is .5 PPR (Points Per Reception) and it is a roto format, meaning the most total points over each round wins the league. So, losing a star player for one week is a huge deal.

In Round 1 there are only six teams with a bye, compared to 24 teams in Round 2 and two in Round 3. It may make sense to draft a player with a bye in Round 2, but in Round 1 that proposition is a bit dicier. That being said, there are some elite players who have a bye week in Round 1. How long can you wait to take one of these players?

These are the types of decisions you are going to have to make in your Champions Round drafts. The good news? If you make a mistake in your draft the league only runs for six weeks. You’ll have another opportunity to become a champion in Round 2, unlike in a season long format where you’re probably out of it already.

While selecting a player with a bye in Round 1 may prove to be costly, it also may be worth taking one of these players if their value is depressed. Another way you can take advantage of the round system is to select players that play against a weak schedule. Conversely, it may be worth passing on good players who faces a difficult stretch in Round 1.

Hopefully this draft guide will inspire you to join Champions Round, become a commissioner and create a league. If your draft goes well, great! Hopefully you win the round. If not, no worries. There will be a new round in just a couple of week! That’s the beauty of Champions Round. Season long experiences without the season long commitment.

Make sure to check out our new research tab on the app and our Medium page for our 2020 Round 1 player rankings and projections, coming soon!

Why Champions Round 🎁

I have personally spent many years playing season long fantasy — and I love it. I love the camaraderie, talking smack, the football and the challenge of trying to out-duel your friends. But when the season gets to about Week 13, it’s basically over.

Here’s the deal: 33 percent of all fantasy players get to play in games that matter in Week 15. 16 percent of all fantasy players get to play in Week 16. Once the clock turns to 2020, you’re stuck playing in DFS leagues with professionals who are most likely going to take your money and laugh while doing it. What’s the fun in that?

Champions Round is changing all of that starting now! Come draft with us and become a Champion!

Good luck this year!

The Champions Round Team



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