Big Board Showdown: TE Draft Strategy

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Welcome to the Big Board Showdown! Seven Rounds. One Champion. Our new NFL fantasy game is open for business.

Check out what we’ve got in store for you:

In this game mode you will be able to set up leagues of between 6 and 12 players beginning on April 16. You and your league will be able to draft your 12 man rosters any time from April 16 to April 23, the date of Round 1 of the NFL Draft.

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Since this is the inaugural version of this game mode, some of the best strategies can be created by you on the fly. We can’t wait to hear what formulas you’ve come up with to win your leagues.

If you’re not familiar with the 2020 NFL Draft prospects, don’t worry. We’re here to help. In this article we are going to breakdown some of the top Tight Ends in this draft class and provide you with some strategies heading into your league drafts about how you should approach the TE position.

Who are the top Tight Ends?

Tight End is a weird positional group for the 2020 NFL Draft. There’s not many top guys that we expect to go early, in fact it’s doubtful any TE will be taken in the first round. That being said, there is some depth to the position this year.

Is it worth taking a TE early in Big Board Showdown? The short answer is no. You will only be tasked with taking one Tight End. Since none are expected to go early, you can wait a bit and take one of the best TE’s in one of the middle rounds.

Here’s every TE we expect to go in the first three rounds of the 2020 NFL Draft:

Cole Kmet — Notre Dame — Projected R1, P30

Multi-sport athlete with great hands. Very smooth route running and someone who can take a hit over the middle of the field. Very good frame for a tight end. Will outwork defenders to make plays. He isn’t a great blocker and is not an elite athlete. Kmet is the top TE in the draft, but is likely a late first or second round pick.

Brycen Hopkins — Purdue — Projected R2, P9

Great route runner who can go anywhere in the route tree. Very strong with good size for the position. Good footwork on routes. Great on downfield balls. Works hard after the catch. He doesn’t have the ideal size for a blocker. He’s likely a second or third round pick.

Hunter Bryant — Washington — Projected R2, P30

Bryant is perhaps the TE most ready to contribute to an offense in year one. He was the top option at Washington last year and has great hands and athleticism. Think Evan Engram. Bryant is not a blocker at all, so he may fall a bit since he doesn’t have the overall game NFL GM’s value. He should come off the board in the second or third round.

Jared Pinkney — Vanderbilt — Projected R2, P31

Pinkey is a big prospect at the TE position. He’s a good blocker and route runner. That being said, he’s not a dynamic athlete and he doesn’t create separation on his routes. He’s likely a third round pick.

Thaddeus Moss — LSU — Projected R3, P11

The son of Randy Moss, Thaddeus was a big part of the dynamic LSU offense in 2019. He has incredible ball skills, wonderful hands and is physical. He’s also a great blocker. However, he’s limited athletically and is a bit small for the position. Moss is probably a third or fourth round pick.

Adam Trautman — Dayton — Projected R3, P19

Trautman dominated at Dayton and could be a surprise second round pick. Some teams absolutely love him. Was a multi-sport athlete and possess excellent height and frame for the position. He’s still a bit of a raw prospect and needs some time to develop. Should be gone by the middle of the third round.

Albert Okwuegbunam — Missouri — Projected R3, P28

Perhaps the most athletically gifted tight end in the draft. Can absolutely fly for a 6’5, 255 pound man. He is a good blocker and is tough. He does have an injury history and sometimes get lost on the field. You would expect more production from such a good athlete. Could be a second or third round pick.

Harrison Bryant — FAU — Projected R3, P42

The other Bryant, Harrison is a very talented receiving tight end who showed flashes of elite athleticism. Not the best blocker, but competes hard. Good hands. He’s a little raw but could contribute in the passing game quickly. Likely third or fourth round pick.

If you wait on a Tight End….

Here are some of the TEs we believe have a chance to score some points for your fantasy teams. One of these guys could be Mr. Irrelevant and would be worth 50 Points on Big Board Showdown.

  • Josiah Deguara — Cincinnati — Projected R5, P13
  • Cheyenne O’Grady — Arkansas — Projected R5, P23
  • Devin Asiasi — UCLA — Projected R5, P31
  • Colby Parkinson — Stanford — Projected R6, P5
  • Tyler Cooksey — Georgia Tech — Projected R6, P20
  • Dalton Keene — Virginia Tech — Projected R7, P1
  • Mitchell Wilcox — South Florida — Projected R7, P6
  • Jared Rice — Fresno State — Projected R7, P25
  • Jacob Breeland — Oregon — Projected R7, P36
  • Sean McKeon — Michigan — Projected R7, P40
  • Joey Magnifico — Memphis — Projected R7, P41

Check back with us later this week as we delve into the draft strategy for defensive players.



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